The history of Lostock St. Gerards Football Club goes back to just after the Second World War. Four acres of land had been donated to Our Lady and St. Gerards church as a recreation area for members of the Parish, probably sometime between the two wars, by a local land owner (we think it may have been the Kevill family). After the Second World War, efforts were made to form a football club and the team joined the old Preston and District Catholic League (currently known as the Churches League) and remained there for several years with varying amounts of success. Later on a junior side was introduced and ran along side the senior side again for several years. Men from the Parish managed both teams.

This situation continued on until the early 80’s when the Central Lancashire Development Corporation compulsorily purchased the land, which incidentally paid off the debt on an extension to the Parish church. The Parish priest at that time, recognising the football teams would have nowhere to play, entered into a lease back arrangement with the development Corporation and promised the club, because of the benefits that had accrued from the sale of the land, that the parish would pay the £100 per year rent.

This continued until the mid-80’s when the Parish priest changed and for whatever reason the new priest was not prepared to pay the rent. It was also about the same time that the Development Corporation decided that the land was not now needed and it was put back on the open market. In the light of these changes, the football club became concerned about the long term future of the land and decided to attempt to repurchase it. In order to ensure that it would no longer be threatened or sold off, the club set up an independent charitable trust, which would become the owner, to cut a long story short the trust purchased the land with help and grants from various bodies. New changing accommodation was provided, again with assistance from South Ribble Borough Council, the Sports Council and the Harris Trust.

Through the 90’s further improvement work was undertaken on the ground the pitch was widened and lengthened to the then standard for the North West Counties league and a permanent concrete and steel barrier fence was erected around the pitch perimeter. Dugouts and a partial hardstanding have also been added, the latter to improve disabled access.

Some of the land has been developed into a training area, which accommodates two 60 x 40 yard pitches.

Recent developments have been to improve the drainage on the pitch and training area and also to create two new changing rooms that meet the criteria for the West Lancashire League Premier division and also to provide additional changing accommodation for officials.