Calor’s sustainability principles

Calor is committed to, and investing in, a sustainable future across five areas of our business, promoting a balanced consideration of economic, social and environmental factors in all business activities.

SHV Energy’s sustainability goals

Calor is part of SHV Energy, a group of global companies, which has a vision to be Better, Cleaner, Together. By focusing our combined strengths, we can deliver a better-performing business, help achieve a cleaner planet and unite SHV Energy people working together to achieve these goals. Read SHV’s Sustainability report.


The Future of Rural Energy (FREE) is Calor’s flagship initiative to help tackle fuel poverty and promote effective energy efficiency advice and behaviours in off-gas grid communities across rural Britain. Since 2010 Calor has been working with a range of expert partners, as well as directly with rural communities, to raise awareness of, and find solutions to, rural fuel poverty, and bring independent energy efficiency advice to off-gas grid households across Britain.

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